Thursday, 2 May 2013

Grade 1/2 Oil Pastel Toucans

By Kayla (Grade 2)

Lesson Background:
We have started reading Nim's Island by Wendy Orr as our class novel for this term, so I decided to spend a few weeks creating some tropical island art.  This is our first artwork for the term.  I got the idea for this artwork from Donna Hugh's art project for kids:

Lesson Materials (per child):
1 sheet A4 black card
Oil pastels

Lesson Steps:
1.  We looked at photos and a video of toucans.  We discussed the colours and textures.
2.  We drew the toucans, with me guiding the students step-by-step ( I drew a shape, then the children drew theirs).
3.  Students were encouraged to have 1-4 toucans, in any position they liked.
4.  We looked at photos of tropical plants and flowers.  The students then drew and coloured these in their artworks.
5.  The students outlined the toucans and large plants in black oil pastel.

Grade 1/2 Artworks:

By Eve (Grade 2)

By Angela X (Grade 1)

By Austin (Grade 2)

By Paige (Grade 2)

By Ella U (Grade 2)
By Ben (Grade 2)

By Agnes (Grade 2) 
By Ella B (Grade 1)

By Leo (Grade 1)

By Xander (Grade 2)

By Kimo (Grade 1)

By Annabel (Grade 1)


  1. from Paige and Nive3 May 2013 at 14:25

    The Toucans realy stand out!!!!

  2. Those pictures are sooo good. Thanks for sharing and inspirering :-)

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment- my class will be chuffed to hear it!

  3. Fantastic artwork, 1/2B!

  4. Hi Mrs Baker, I really like everyone's art.

  5. dear Mrs baker I like your toucans from Ella B

  6. i really miss you Mrs Baker

    1. I miss you too, Agnes! I will try to pop into school with Charlie for a visit soon :)

  7. Absolutely Beautiful!! And so Impressive for the age group, very nice.