Tuesday, 8 May 2018

ANZAC DAY WW1 Trench Silhouette Charcoal Drawings

By Bornei
Lesson Background:

To commemorate ANZAC Day this year, my class looked at some WW1 trench silhouette images off Google.  We watched a BTN episode on what ANZAC Day is about, and talked about why we commemorate ANZAC Day.  I found this activity on Pinterest at https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/230035493445813874

Lesson Materials:

Images of WW1 soldier/trench silhouettes
A4 art paper
Lead pencil

Lesson Steps:

1.  I demonstrated how to measure up their paper and draw in the horizon line.  Student copied.
2.  I showed students how they could either trace or copy the silhouette images from Google Images print outs onto their backgrounds.
3.  Students traced, copied or drew their own soldiers, and then used a mixture of outlining, colouring and smudging to fill their outlines in with charcoal.
4.  I demonstrated how to use lines and shading with the charcoal to create light and shadow in the clouds.  Students then drew their own clouds.
5.  Students were encouraged to ensure they re-outlined all figured with charcoal, to ensure the figures were clear, and to make sure all white gaps were filled, and all silhouettes were totally black.

Grade 3 Student Artworks:

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