Monday, 21 December 2015

Christmas Soft Pastel Lights

By Hanser (Grade 5)

Lesson Background:

I got this idea from:

Lesson Materials (per child):

1 sheet A4 black or grey card
soft pastels

Lesson Steps:

1.  Using a black soft pastel, draw the wire for the lights, looping around the page.  Create light and shade by shadowing it with a grey or white pastel.
2.  Draw the base and bulb of each light using black and/or grey pastel.
3.  Colour them in with brightly coloured pastels.
4.  Using your little finger, smudge the edges of the colours outwards, so that the lights look like they are shining.
5.  Put a little dab of white pastel in each, to look like reflections.

My sample (unfinished!)


Grade 5 Oil Pastel Carolers

5B carolers

Lesson Background:

This artwork was created as part of our end-of-year Christmas celebrations.  I got the original idea from:

Lesson Materials (per student):

1 lead pencil
1 black oil pastel
coloured oil pastels
1 sheet light blue A4 paper, slightly trimmed around the edges
1 sheet A4 dark blue paper to use for backing

Lesson Steps:

1.  Draw the outline of the caroler in lead pencil.
2.  Colour in the caroler with oil pastel.  Don't leave any gaps.  Older students can attempt to use light and shade/shadowing.
3.  Outline all lines and patterns in black oil pastel.
4.  Draw musical notes using a black permanent marker and/or snow/snowflakes in the sky using blue and white oil pastels.
5.  Back onto the dark blue paper.

Student Artworks:

My sample artwork

Christmas Snowflakes

Lesson Background:
This idea came from my fabulous colleague Christine.
Lesson Materials:
A range of different blue and silver papers with various textures and tones (e.g. pearl-effect, shiny, etc.)
A glue-stick
A sheet of white paper or card
Lesson Steps:
1.  If desired, draw a design on scrap paper first.
2.  Cut out a range of thin rectangles, squares and triangles using different papers, and arrange them in a pattern to create your snowflake.
Student Artworks