Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Matisse Dancers Paper Artwork

By Tom N. (Year 3 student, 2011)

Lesson Background:
This lesson idea came from the Deep Space Sparkle website:

Lesson Steps:
1)  Discuss the art of Matisse, including his artwork, "The Dance" (1909).
2)  Talk about his use of colour, shape, line and movement.
3)  Discuss how Matisse made sure the gaps between his shapes were just as interesting to look at (positive/negative space).
4)  Ask the children to take these ideas and design a background of shapes and blocks of colour.  The children can do a few sketches of ideas on scrap paper, then cut their shapes out of coloured Brenex paper and stick it onto an A3 sheet of white art paper.
5)  Show the students how to draw a person by drawing a stick figure in different poses/movements and then covering each segment of the figure with a simple bean or leaf-shape.  Explain how segments are the parts of the body separated by joints (e.g. an arm has 3 segments:  above elbow, below elbow and hand). 
6)  Student draw their body/ies in different movement positions onto black paper.  Then students cut the paper out and glue it onto their backgrounds.
7)  Show the students how they can decorate their people with coloured paper headbands, necklaces, armbands, ankle bands, chest bands, etc.

Year 3 Student Artworks (2011)

By Andrea

By Keyan

By Jia

By Charlotte

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