Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Sturt Desert Pea Drawings

By Kaya, (Year 3) 2011
Tom, (Year 3), 2011

 Lesson Background:
We had been studying Australian states and territories and their different emblems and icons.  To tie in with these lessons, my teaching colleague Emma Vince came up with the fabulous idea to create some Sturt Desert Pea drawings in the style of Australian artist, Margaret Preston.  We used Preston's artworks and the beautiful artwork below for inspiration.
 Lesson Steps:
1)  We studied the floral emblems of Australian states and territories and looked at photos of each.
2)  We oberved and discussed the features of Margaret Preston's artworks.
3)  Using the artwork by Lyn Weir above, we drew some sturt desert pea flowers.  I modelled how to draw each different stem, leaf and flower and then asked the children to do their own, adding or changing bits to make it individual.
4)  Once the picture was drawn, the students used coloured progresso pencils to colour it in and put a border around the edge in the style of a timber frame.

Year 3 Artworks:

By Kundai
By Olivia

By Andrea

Some of 3B's beautiful Sturt Desert Pea artworks

and a few more...

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