Thursday, 24 November 2011

Chinese Dragon Oil Pastel Drawings

By Kaya (Yr 3 student)
Lesson Background:
Our students are currently engaged in a unit of work entitled "Snapshots of Asia".  As part of the unit, our students are reading a class novel-  "Dragonkeeper" by Carole Wilkinson. I based this dragon artwork on one I saw on the art blog "The Art Fairy":

The Lesson:
1.  I used a printed copy of the step-by-step drawing activity from The Art Fairy blog to show the students how to draw a dragon.  I demonstrated each step and how to add my own personal touches.  I also demonstrated how they could use different coloured oil pastels to show light, shade, patterns and interesting tones.
2.  The students went back to their desks and, using the step-by-step guide, they drew their own dragon and coloured them with oil pastel.  Most students attempted to include patterns and light/shade.
3.  The students then painted a red or yellow ink wash over their drawing and left it to dry.

Year 3 Sample Artworks:

By Charlotte

By Kundai

My sample that I modelled for the class

By Arpita

By Parth

By Tom

By Aimee

By Dharan

3B dragon artworks

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