Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Chinese Vases

Year 3 artworks
 Lesson Background:

We have been studying the icons and symbols of Asian countries as part of our Snapshots of Asia unit this term.  I have a beautiful Asian-style vase at home and thought it would make a nice activity for the students to create a Chinese vase artwork.  I found the gorgeous artwork below on Google images, and used it as a starting point for inspiring the students.

Lesson Steps:

1.  We looked at images of Chinese (and a couple of Japanese) vases and discussed the lines, shapes, colours and patterns. 
2.  We talked about the different images found on Chinese vases- the symbols and pictures that are valued by Chinese society (dragons, koi/carp, cherry blossoms, leaves, flowers, birds, etc).
3.  I then showed the students how to use symmetry and their fingers to help them measure and draw the shape of vase they wanted.  I then modelled how to fill the vase in with a pattern at the top rim, bottom rim and possibly in the middle.  I then suggested they draw in a symbol/s of China or Japan that they wished to represent as important to that culture.
4.  The students drew their vases.
5.  I then showed students how to draw a couple of different types of flowers and recommended they use an odd number of flowers, make sure their stems reached all the way down into the vase, and that they showed leaves and flowers at different stages of growth.
6.  The students drew their flowers.
7.  Students then coloured their vases in with coloured progresso pencils and outlined their drawings in black progresso or black texta.

Year 3 Student Artworks:

My sample artwork I used to model for the children
By Andrea G
By Nick U

By Tom N

By Olivia

By Ailec

By Jia

By Angus

By Dharan

By Kundai

By Dane

Some of the Year 3 artworks


  1. Hi! they are very beautiful and looking good chinese vases. thanks for sharing .....

    1. No worries, Cameron. I'm glad you like them!