Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Students' Homemade Artworks

I have made this post to display artworks that my students create on their own at home.  Often these artworks are inspired by art lessons from school, which is great to see!  Sometimes they are completely original which is also exciting!

I will add new artworks over time.  The first one is below...

By Eve (Year 1)
This artwork was created by Eve using acrylic paint on canvas.
Eve was inspired by our Sandra Silberzweig lesson in class earlier this year:

Well done, Eve!  What a great talent at only 6 years old!!

Artwork # 2:  By Paige (Year 1)

Paige created this artwork using oil pastels.  She drew and coloured the cat at home by by herself (based on our art lesson in class: and then cut it out and pasted it on a pink cardboard background.

Well done, Paige!  What a beautiful artwork!


  1. wow well done Eve i really like your homemade artwork

  2. Eve, I am so impressed with this artwork. I love the way you have used what we have learnt about the colour wheel and blending. I also love the way you have used light and shade in the red sphere shapes at the bottom of the painting and added a glint of light in the eyes. Lots of skill involved in this painting as well as creativity! Well done!

  3. This is wonderful Eve!
    You did such a great job of 'telling a story' in the face area
    To me, it shows all the elements of the universe in one person.
    The sun, a sunset or beach, planets, mountains and flowers
    Well done!

    Sandra Silberzweig

    1. Dear Sandra
      Thank you for your comment. It made me feel like a famous artist! I really like your art too, because I love the way you make your faces a bit abstract and I like the way you blend colours and put different shapes and sizes in your artwork. You put lots of effort into them.

  4. Well done eve I like the colours you used.from Serina.

  5. Eve, your painting is amazing. Talent beyond your years. From Uncle Steve & Aunty Meg.

  6. your use of the colour wheel is amazing,eve!

  7. and paige wins the cute kitty award for 2012!

    p.s great use of colour.

  8. CHARLIE!!!!!!!:)11 April 2013 at 16:04

    I love your artwork Paige (great use of colours)eve your artworks great and bright.