Saturday, 25 August 2012

Fruit Bowl Opposites Artwork

By Gabe (Year 2)
Lesson Background:
We are doing a Health unit at the moment and are exploring different types of foods that belong in the different food groups and what nutrients these foods provide our body.  I saw this art activity on Pinterest pinned by Heather Martin.  I loved the way it combines opposites: white/black, warm colours/cool colours and straight/curved lines.  I thought it would be a great way to consolidate my students' learning about these concepts all in one artwork!

Lesson Materials:

Coloured textas (we used Faber Castell connector pens)
A lead pencil per child
1 sheet A4 art paper per child
A ruler per child

Lesson Steps:

1.  I showed the students the sample artwork off Pinterest as well as a sample one I had made.  We discussed the use of warm/cool colours, black/white and curved/straight lines.  We brainstormed colours and lines we could use as opposites in our artworks.
2.  We brainstormed different fruits with warm colours and looked at photos of them on the Internet.
3.  I demonstrated step-by-step how to draw the table ledge and fruit bowl (with descriptions of positioning using finger and hand spaces as well as fraction language- "a third of the page up" etc).  The students followed along on their own artworks as I drew. 
4.  I then discussed and demonstrated how to draw the fruit, pointing out the fact that if the fruit was inside the bowl, we wouldn't be able to see the whole piece of fruit. 
4.  Students went back to their desks and drew the fruit in their fruit bowls and patterns (making sure to rub out lines of the back of the fruit bowl that were running through their fruit) .  The patterns were also meant to be "opposite"- patterns based on straight lines and shapes for the fruit bowl and background, & patterns based on curved lines and shapes for the table.
5.  I showed the students how to colour effectively with texta, including making sure they fill in all white gaps and colour in only 1 direction wherever possible.
6.  The students chose warm colours to colour the fruit in, cool colours for the bowl, and black and white patterns for the background (we also looked at the other "opposite"- that some of the background shapes were filled in and some weren't).
7.  When completely coloured in, the students outlines all their fruit and patterns in the fruit bowl with black texta.

Student Artworks:

By Austin (Year 1)

By Eve (Year 1)

By Nive (Year 1)
By Ashley (Year 2)
By Jasmine (Year 1)

By Kayla (Year 1)

By Marlo (Year 2)
By Eloise (Year 2)

Some of 1/2B's beautiful artworks...


  1. wot?no comments? that is very surprising

  2. im not expecting to see fruitbowls in hairy rotter

  3. everyone did a great job

  4. charlie`s mum (amanda)12 September 2012 at 15:10

    Beautifully colourful. Well done 1/2B

  5. Hi this is Charlie around 6 years into the future, and (hopefully) I've improved in art and grammar haha.