Saturday, 21 February 2015

Climate Soft Pastel Drawings

By Hanser
Lesson Background:

My Year 5 class is currently studying a unit called "SURVIVAL", involving both climate change and 1800s Australian colonies.  We created these artworks to show what early Australian settlers would have found as they made their way inland- hot, dry, harsh conditions, making it difficult to SURVIVE.  We also made drawings of icebergs and ice floes to highlight the difficulty the human race will have to SURVIVE in the future as the earth warms, ice melts and seas rise.

Lesson Materials (per student):  Written by Paris
  • 1 black A3 piece of paper
  • some chalk pastels for cool artwork:
  • white, different shades of blue e.g navy, turquoise etc
  • For warm artwork:
  •  red, yellow, orange, dark blue and black.

Lesson Steps:  Written by Paris
For cool artwork:
1: Draw a horizon line about five centimetres from the bottom of the page.
2: Draw an outline of an iceberg in lead pencil softly so you don't see it when you overlap it. Use different shapes.
3: Once you have finished the outline, with a white pastel, trace your outline
4: Colour in your iceberg with different colours, overlapping each other.
5: Shade the space where the sky would be. Do the same with the sea. Make sure they are very dark to simulate the artic.
For warm artwork:
1: Draw the horizon line about five centimetres from the bottom of the page.
2: Draw three mountains overlapping each other in lead pencil softly.
3: Shade the mountains blue.
4: Draw the sun with yellow pastel.
5: Colour the sun and draw some lines around the sun, again with lead pencil.
6: Using alternaite colours, colour the lines with yellow, red and orange.
7: Draw a shine on one side of the mountains, depending on where you put the sun. If you put the sun on the right side, draw the shine on the right side and visa versa.
8: Outline everything with a black pastel.  

Year 5 Student Artworks:

Year 5 Artworks

By Ryan

By Maddy

By Mackenzie

By Hanser

By Paris

By ?

By Miranda

By Ari

By Mina

By ?

By Keziah

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  1. I remember this! It was really fun! I had pastels all over my by the end of the lesson! =D