Saturday, 25 July 2015

Mondrian Maths Artworks

Some of our Year 5 artworks
Lesson Background: 

Students created these Mondrian-style artworks and then analysed the number of colours and shapes to create column graphs, dot plots, frequency & tally charts, and 2-way tables.  They then had to interpret each other's artworks by answering some analysing questions about which colours and shapes were most/least common, how many shapes were used in total, etc.

Lesson Materials:

blue, red and yellow paper scraps
1 A4 sheet of white art paper
1/2 an A4 sheet of black paper, cut into thin strips
glue stick

Lesson Steps:

1.  Cut the coloured paper scraps up into squares and rectangles of different sizes.
2.  Stick one piece on the white paper at a time.  After sticking down a coloured piece, stick a strip of black paper on each side to border it, and going all the way to the edges of the white sheet.
3.  Keep going until you are happy with the way it looks!

Year 5 Artworks:

By Hanser

By Paris

By Hannah

By Mackenzie

By Brenda

By Hayley


By Keziah


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  1. WOW Nice I did a similar activity in year 3 it was great fun! (even though i didn't get how to do it at first but I eventually got it)