Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Spring Magnolia Watercolour Paintings

By Hanser

Lesson Background:

To celebrate spring and our city's flower festival, Floriade, my Year 5 students created these beautiful artworks based on gorgeous original artwork by artist Mariska Meijers: http://www.residence.nl/interieur/decoration-en-design/38026-mariska-meijers-met-kleur-de-wereld-veroveren/

Lesson Materials (per student)

1 sheet A4 watercolour paper
1 lead pencil
Watercolour paints
Thin brushes
1 black sharpie/permanent marker

Lesson Steps:

1.  Draw a vase (I showed students a few styles and how to draw them.  Students were encouraged to all draw and position them differently).
2.  Draw a pattern on the vase and on the background wallpaper.  If one of the patterns is quite busy, make the other more simple.
3.  Draw the branches and magnolia flowers (I demonstrated on the board, focusing on having natural curves and bumps on the branches, not straight matchstick-style ones!).  Students use an eraser to rub out any lines from the background that run through their flowers.
4.  Use the watercolour paints to paint their picture.
5.  When dry, outline everything with the black sharpie. 

Grade 5 Student Artworks:

By Ari
By Miranda
By Hayley

By Maddy

By Lauren

By Noah
By Aiden

My (very rushed!) sample artwork to give the students ideas


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