Sunday, 28 May 2017

Grade 2 Soft Pastel Mixtures

2BD soft pastel drawings- Well done, guys!

Lesson Background:
Our class has started a new Science unit on mixtures.  To tie in with this learning, we experimented further with light and shade by creating these soft pastel drawings showing glass bottles.

Lesson Materials (per student): Written by 2BD)
1 lead pencil
soft  pastels
1 sheet of A4 black paper
Fixative (or hairspray)

Lesson Steps: (Written by 2BD)
1.  Look at pictures of glass bottles filled with mixtures.
2.  Draw the bottle in the middle of the paper, following step-by-step instructions from the teacher.
3.  Draw the line of the table in the background, going across the page.
4.  Draw in the line showing how high your mixture fills the bottle.
5.  Choose 2 colours where one is a darker version of the other (e.g. orange and red, or light and dark blue).
6.  Turn the light pastel on its side and colour in the mixture.
7.  Use the darker pastel to colour in some shadows inside the mixture.
8.  Choose a contrasting colour and colour in the table top,
9.  Use the white soft pastel to outline the bottle and draw in reflections.
10.  Use a black pastel to draw in a oval-shaped shadow on the bottom right side of the bottle.
11.  Spray with fixative or hairspray to stop it smudging so much.
12.  Admire your picture (by Clara).

Student Artworks:

By Harris

By Isidore
By Alex S

By Clara
By Riho

By Olivia

By Amy
By Elise

By Cole

By Emily

By Sari

By Alex B


  1. The artworks look pretty good!

  2. Wow, they are incredible! It looks like they have really understood the process.

  3. They are really colourful. By Clara