Sunday, 11 February 2018

Mixed Media Art Gallery Portraits- Grade 3

By Idan
I love Idan's bold colours and abstract shapes!
It reminds me of the expressionist art of Franz Marc!

Lesson Background:

We have just started the new school year.  I have a gorgeous Year 3 class and to start the year we made these portraits.  This cute idea came from:

Lesson Materials (per student):

1 sheet A3 white art paper
1 coloured photo of themselves facing away from you
coloured oil pastels
watercolour paints, brushes, water
lead pencil

Lesson Steps:

1.  With step-by-step modelling, students use their ruler and lead pencil to draw the artwork frame, floor line and checkerboard floor.
2.  Students use the watercolours to paint the wall, floor and art frame.
3.  Students use the oil pastels to create the artwork.  I modelled on the board first, explaining and demonstrating how students could choose different tones and shades of the same colour (e.g. white into light blue into dark blue, or yellow into orange into red).  I also emphasised pressing firmly and ensuring there were no white gaps left.
4.  Students paste their photo onto their artwork.

Grade 3 Student Artworks:

By Liv
I love Liv's bright colours and interesting use of light and tone.

By Liam
I love how different Liam's artwork is- such an interesting use of shape and shadow!
By Michael
I was really impressed by Michael's fine motor control in the flooring,
and his use of contrasting and like colours

By Elise
This is just such a fun. happy artwork... just like its artist!

By Rhys
I love how Rhys took such care with his work to create this delightful picture

By Marco
I love Marco's use of such bright bold colours and shapes!

By Isi
I simply adore the abstract shapes, composition, and use of colour in Isi's artwork!
By Yare
Stunning use of colour and shape, Yare!

By Evie
This artwork shows strong fine motor skills, control, and
yet also creativity in it's use of colour and body position


  1. These are amazing works of art! I love how you have all used such bright colours! Looking at these made my day! Sarah (Mum of Elise)

  2. The black and white squares reminded me of chess and I had fun doing it! From Isi.