Thursday, 15 September 2011

Hogwarts Watercolour Castles

3B's beautiful watercolour Hogwarts castles
Lesson Background:
At the moment the Year 3 and 4 students at my school are engaged in a unit of work based on Harry Potter.  The children have been reading the story, analysing its language features and narrative techniques, making wands and potions, and getting "sorted" into the four Hogwarts houses.  It's been a lot of fun!  I saw a fabulous lesson on Deep Space Sparkle and decided to use it as an idea for creating some watercolour Hogwarts castle paintings.

Photos from around our "Hogwarts" classroom:

The table (Hogwarts houses) points tally

some of the potions...

"Professor" Baker's messy desk!
Lesson Steps:
1)  I showed the students photos of me in front of different real-life castles (when my husband and I lived in England for a year, he worked at English Heritage and we were given free visits to a lot of castles around England).  We talked about their architectural features, what they are made of and what colours and textures they have.
2)  The students brought their A3 art paper and pencils to the floor and we drew sections of the castle step-by-step.  For example, I would model how to draw a turret and then they would put in however many turrets they wanted, etc.  The students were encouraged to make their castles unique- some added moats, some added triangular tops on their turrets, some had snowy mountains in the background, etc.
3)  Once the drawings were complete, I showed the students how to use watercolour paints (including lightly painting big sections with water before putting the colour on, and how to mix colours and use water to achieve different tones).
4)  The students painted their castles.  I also showed students how they could use flecks of black or grey paint to show texture on their castle walls. 
5)  Once the paintings were dry, I demonstrated how to draw on the bricks.  Students then did this with a black permanent marker.

Year 3 Artworks:

By Liam

By Kundai

By Denzelle

By Keyan

By Angus

By Charlotte

By Tim

By Alex (2010)

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