Thursday, 15 September 2011

Night Owl Drawings

Year 3 student
Lesson Background:
My colleague Jo Burns came up with this great art idea to fit in with our Harry Potter unit of work. 

Lesson Steps:
1)  Students brought their A4 black cardboard to the floor with a white, silver, pale pink or yellow progresso pencil.
2)  Students watched the wonderful Youtube drawing video:  I paused the video after every step to give the students time to draw that part of the owl on their paper.  I encouraged the students to make their owls look as fat, skinny, small, big, cute, mean etc as they wanted.
3)  When the video was completed, students went back to their desks and coloured their owls in, using whatever mixture of colours and patterns they liked.
4)  Students were encouraged to outline their owls and tree branches in white progresso pencil, so they stood out on the black backgrounds.

Year 3 Artworks:

By Tom

By Andrew

By ____, year 3 student

By ____, Year 3 student

By ___, year 3 student

By ____. year 3 student

By ___, year 3 student

By ___, year 3 student

By Ethan

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