Friday, 20 April 2012

Christmas Tree Cards

Year 1 student Christmas cards (2008)
 Lesson Background:
I have used this Christmas activity with nearly every class and year level I have taught.  It is easy to do, requires minimal resources and the kids love it!

Lesson Materials:
1 paddlepop stick per child
Coloured paper scraps
1 piece glossy green brenex paper per child
1 piece metallic gold, red, silver or blue paper per child
1 metallic star sticker per child
1 sheet A4 coloured card per child (or cut to whatever size is desired)
PVA glue

Lesson Steps:
1.  Ask the students to fold their piece of cardboard in half to make the Christmas card.  I usually use a piece of card just a tad bigger than half an A4 sheet.
2.  Students cut out a square of metallic paper and stick it on the front of the card so that it is centred with a border of card all around the outside.
3.  They then stick the paddlepop stick onto the card with a little PVA glue.  It should be towards the bottom of the card but not hanging off the bottom.
4.  Show the students how to draw a basic Christmas tree shape (I let the kids each decide between pointier, sharper tree shapes and curvier, more cartoony shapes).
5.  Ask the students to cut out a square of glossy green brenex paper, the size of the space left on the card (with it overlapping the paddlepop stick).
6.  Ask the children to draw their desired tree shape onto the paper, cut out their tree and paste it over the top of the paddlepop stick with a little PVA glue.
7.  Students then decorate their trees by cutting out little circles and shapes from the coloured paper scraps and sticking them on with a little PVA glue.  Finally, they can stick their star stickers on the top.

NOTE:  As you might have noticed from the photos, I have discovered 2 little tricky parts to this activity... gluey fingerprints left all over their paper backgrounds and gold stars not standing out on gold paper backgrounds!  Next time I use this activity, I will ensure that children who use gold backgrounds get a different coloured sticker star and that all children are more careful where they leave their gluey fingerprints!

Christmas Cards from Year 3 students (2010):

A sample card I created

Alex and Oliver display their lovely red Christmas cards

Chelsea, Larona and Jasmine show off their cards

Ralph creates his card

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