Thursday, 19 April 2012

Coloured Paper Birds

3B & 1JC bird artworks
Lesson Background

This lesson is a bit of a flashback to the past- I did this lesson in 2009 when my Year 3 class were studying a unit on birds.  These pictures were created by my Year 3 students with their Year 1 buddies from our buddy class 1JC. 

Lesson Materials

Templates of branches, foliage and birds (optional)
Coloured Brenex paper
1 black Brenex paper square per child

Lesson Steps

1.  Draw or use templates to create the shape of a branch and stick it onto the black Brenex paper, making sure the bottom of the branch starts right at the bottom of the page (no branches floating in mid air!)
2.  Draw or use templates to create cloud-shaped light green foliage and slightly larger cloud-shaped darker green foliage.  Paste these onto the background.
3.  Draw or use templates to draw a simple mother and baby bird.
4.  Draw or use templates to create different wings for the birds,
5.  Use textas to draw on wing and tail patterns.
6.  Cut out 2 small triangles of orange paper and stick them on beaks.
7.  Using black textas, draw eyes on the birds.

Artworks by Year 1 & 3

By Riley (Yr3) and Emma (Yr1)
By Courtney (Yr3), Jerry (Yr 3) and Nico (Yr1)
Faith (Yr3) & _______
Sophie (Yr3) & Jia (Yr1)
By _____________
By Onela (Yr3), Sharlin (Yr3) & ______________ (Yr1)
My artwork sample

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