Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Christmas Hand & Footprint Decorations with Baby Baker!

Charlie's foot and handprint decorations

Lesson Background:

Well, it's been a big year for me!  I've spent the year on a break from teaching my gorgeous Year 1/2s and have instead been bringing up and teaching my gorgeous baby boy.  Recently, I decided we would make some hand and footprint decorations to give to relatives to commemorate Charlie's first Christmas.

Lesson Materials:

*  Air-dry clay
*  Gold spray paint
*  A straw
*  Thin Christmas ribbon
*  A black permanent marker
*  A rolling pin
*  A knife
*  A sheet of baking paper

Baby Baker with his new buddy, Santa
 Lesson Steps:

1.  Roll the clay into a ball, place on the baking paper, and use the rolling pin to flatten to about 1cm thickness.
2.  Hold the baby's hand or foot as flat as you can and press it firmly into the dough, squishing (firmly but gently) around all parts of the hand or foot, to leave a clear imprint.  (I had to turn this into a game with lots of silly voices and sound effects for Charlie to be on board!)
3.  Wash the baby's hands and feet, and put them in a safe place while you finish up!
4.  Using the knife (or a template), cut an oval shape around each of the imprints, leaving a small space above the top of each print for a hole.
5.  Use the straw to press a hole into the top of each ornament.
6.  Leave to dry 24 hours, or as long as required.
7.  Spray paint gold on both sides, leaving time for them to dry in between.
8.  Write an inscription on the back using the black permanent marker.  I wrote: "Charlie's first Christmas ~ 2014"
9.  Tie a piece of Christmas ribbon through the hole.

Merry Christmas from Mrs & Baby Baker!

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