Friday, 22 November 2013

Grade 1/2 Charcoal Landscapes

By Ella (Grade 2)

Lesson Materials (per student):

1 stick compressed charcoal
1 sheet A3 white art paper
1 sheet newspaper (to lay your paper on)
Landscape photos (showing landscapes with a large range of textures)

Lesson Steps:

1.  Look at the photo you have chosen.
2.  Carefully draw the outline of all the large shapes and horizon line.
3.  Look at where the shadows are in the image and use colouring and smudging to recreate these shadows in your drawing.
4.  Add in fine details such as leaves and grasses, using a range of different mark-making techniques (thin lines, thick lines, flicks, arcs, etc)

Student Artworks:

By Austin (Grade 2)

By Jeff (Grade 2)

By Eve (Grade 2)


  1. Wow this is really good work and I miss you Mrs Baker

  2. Miss you and all the lovely Gemstones too, Joss! I hope you are enjoying Grade 3 and still creating some beautiful art.

  3. I wish Mrs delbridge and Mrs Smith would do something like this, it looks amazing!

    1. I bet they have done some amazing stuff with you guys, too. Can't wait to have a look next time I come in for a visit :)