Monday, 21 December 2015

Grade 5 Oil Pastel Carolers

5B carolers

Lesson Background:

This artwork was created as part of our end-of-year Christmas celebrations.  I got the original idea from:

Lesson Materials (per student):

1 lead pencil
1 black oil pastel
coloured oil pastels
1 sheet light blue A4 paper, slightly trimmed around the edges
1 sheet A4 dark blue paper to use for backing

Lesson Steps:

1.  Draw the outline of the caroler in lead pencil.
2.  Colour in the caroler with oil pastel.  Don't leave any gaps.  Older students can attempt to use light and shade/shadowing.
3.  Outline all lines and patterns in black oil pastel.
4.  Draw musical notes using a black permanent marker and/or snow/snowflakes in the sky using blue and white oil pastels.
5.  Back onto the dark blue paper.

Student Artworks:

My sample artwork

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