Monday, 21 December 2015

Christmas Soft Pastel Lights

By Hanser (Grade 5)

Lesson Background:

I got this idea from:

Lesson Materials (per child):

1 sheet A4 black or grey card
soft pastels

Lesson Steps:

1.  Using a black soft pastel, draw the wire for the lights, looping around the page.  Create light and shade by shadowing it with a grey or white pastel.
2.  Draw the base and bulb of each light using black and/or grey pastel.
3.  Colour them in with brightly coloured pastels.
4.  Using your little finger, smudge the edges of the colours outwards, so that the lights look like they are shining.
5.  Put a little dab of white pastel in each, to look like reflections.

My sample (unfinished!)


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