Friday, 17 June 2016

Abstract Splatter Paintings

My 2 year old's splatter paintings

Activity Background:

I'm currently on maternity leave with my second bub, and decided that I would set up a painting activity for my 2 year old son at home one day, as we needed some gift for some family and friends, and my little man was keen to paint!  My little boy has a habit of starting well with paintings, and then smooshing all the colours into one big brown mess by the end!  So, I was considering how I might avoid that again, and came up with this activity.  He was very proud of his finished artworks, and myself and the recipients of them were thrilled!

Activity Materials:

-  A range of coloured acrylic paints (I used a mixture of thick good quality ones, and cheaper runnier kids ones) squirted onto plastic or paper plates, or a palette.  I had a plate of warm colours and a plate of cool colours
-  Canvases or Art paper
-  Paintbrushes
-  Roller brushes
-  A plastic spoon
-  Newspaper to cover the table
-  A water pot to clean brushes

Activity Steps:

1.  I gave my little boy the roller brush and let him roll it through one plate of colours, and roll it onto his canvas to make a background.
2.  I gave him the paintbrush and showed him how to dip it into a runny colour, and flick it onto the canvas,
3.  I gave him the spoon and showed him how to scoop up blobs of paint and drop or flick them onto the canvas.
4.  After using each of these techniques, I asked him when he thought his painting was finished.  The results are in the pictures!


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