Friday, 17 June 2016

Abstract Mixed Media Collage

Activity Background:

This is another activity done with my 2 year old whilst I am on maternity leave with my new bub.  This collage was created as a gift for my sister and her fiancee.  If I was doing this activity with older children, I would look into the concept of positive and negative space, especially the paper cut-out artworks of Henri Matisse.

Activity Materials:

-  PVA glue and brush
-  Coloured feathers, beads, scraps of felt, pom poms etc. (Discount shops often have packets of pre-cut felt shapes that are perfect for this activity.  I had a packet of hearts, butterflies and flowers, as well as old scraps of felt from past art activities)
-  Canvas or art paper

Activity Steps:

1.  Cut out interesting scraps of fabric, felt and ribbon (adults do this if children are too young).
2.  Choose scraps of fabric, and/or feathers, ribbons etc and paste them onto a canvas or sheet of paper using the PVA glue.  Older children should consider the choice and positioning of shapes in relation to creating interesting positive and negative spaces.
2.  Keep going until you are satisfied with the result.

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