Thursday, 17 November 2016

Hand & Footprint Christmas Trees

By Annabel (9 months old, with a lot of help from her Mum!)

Lesson Background:
This is another activity I did with my nearly-3 year old, and my 9 month old in the lead up to Christmas.  They both had a blast with this activity!

Lesson Materials:
Green acrylic paint
Brown acrylic paint
Assorted pom poms
Assorted sparkly accessories
PVA glue

Lesson Steps:
1.  Paint foot brown, and stamp onto the bottom of the paper to make a tree trunk.
2.  Paint hand green and stamp multiple times in a Christmas tree shape above the brown footprint trunk.
3.  When dry, gently paint PVA glue over the green part of the tree, and then decorate it with the pom poms and sparkly accessories.

This artwork can be used to make cute Christmas cards (see below).  For very young children, the adult supervisor/teacher can paint and stamp the child's hands and feet for them.

One of Charlie's trees turned into a Christmas card for his childcare centre

After the painting/stamping stage
Charlie's finished tree (nearly-3 years old)
Decorating the tree



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