Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Charlotte's Web Oil Pastel Piglets

LEFT: By Leon (Grade 2)                                             RIGHT: By Alex S. (Grade 2)

Lesson Background:  This term, we are learning to write narratives.  We are reading "Charlotte's Web" by E.B. White as a means of exploring effective narrative writing structures, tricks and techniques.

Lesson Materials (per student):
1 sheet A4 black cardboard
1 lead pencil
coloured oil pastels (pink, red, white, black, greens, blues)

Lesson Steps:
1.  We looked at some pictures of piglets and read the opening chapter to "Charlotte's Web".
2.  Mrs Baker showed us step-by-step how to go about drawing, colouring, then outlining our pictures, focusing on spacing (e.g. this is half way down the page, and 3 finger-spaces wide), and adding different shades to make our pictures more realistic.

Grade 2 Artworks:

By Clara

By Harris

By Mayar

By Isidore

By Jordan

By Sari

By Olivia

By Louis
By John

By Cole


  1. These are Adoreable! (And i just re-watched the movie, Babe :) )

  2. I think that everybody did some very good light reflections.

  3. they're looking pretty good.

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