Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Wheels of Change painting

2BD Wheels of Change artworks

Lesson Background:
Our class has been learning about transport over time, and how developments in transport have changed our lives.  This week we learnt about the invention of the wheel, and considered just how amazing this seemingly simple invention was.

Lesson Materials (per student):
1 stencil of a wheel (I just searched for a black and white wheel outline on google images)
1 sheet of A4 white art paper
good quality acrylic paints
a thin pointed paintbrush
a black permanent marker/sharpie

Lesson Steps:
1.  Place the wheel stencil underneath your art paper and trace it with the black marker.  Then continue to reposition it under the paper until the page is filled with parts of wheels.  Aim to have no, or almost no white space left on the page.
2.  Paint the spokes with bright acrylic colours.  (I demonstrated how to use different shades of the same/similar colour/s to create a more interesting effect of light and shade, and how to use contrasting colours for the rims to make them stand out more.  This was tricky for students, but some of them well and truly rose to the challenge!)
3.  When dry, re-outline everything with the black marker to neaten it all up.

Grade 2 Student Artworks:

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  1. They look amazing 2BD! Can't wait to see them tomorrow :)
    Mrs Drew