Friday, 6 May 2011

Watercolour Pencil Still Lifes

Year 3 student artwork by Jasmine, 2010
 Lesson Background:

I found the gorgeous still life watercolour painting that these artworks are based on through Google Images.  I was looking for some fruit bowl pictures my class could turn into their own artworks during their Health unit on Nutrition and the Healthy Food Plate.  I ended up choosing the artwork below from the Fine Art America website, due to its vibrant colours, use of shading and beautiful shapes.

Original artwork from Fine Art America:

Lesson Steps:

1.  I showed the students the original artwork.
2.  We discussed it's use of shape, line, light and shade and colour.
3.  I demonstrated how to draw each element of the picture step-by-step.  The students followed me, drawing with lead pencil on A4 art paper.  I made sure to use spacing information (e.g. 4 finger spaces up and 2 from the left) and shape information (e.g. this line is a J shape or this line is in the shape of a back-to-front C). 
4.  After the students and I completed the drawing, I brought the children to the floor and demonstrated how to use watercolour pencils.
5.  I then demonstrated how to show light (lighter colours/tones or white) and shade (darker colours/tones) and where the light and shade should go and why.
6.  I then sent the students back to colour in and then "paint" their artworks with watercolour pencils.

Year 3 Student Artworks:

By Maryam, 2010

By Hannah, 2010

Yeat 3 student, 2010

By Ella, 2010

By Alex, 2010

By Year 3 student, 2010

By Oliver, 2010

3B artworks, 2010

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