Friday, 6 May 2011

Matisse-Style Name Panels

Year 3 artwork by Oliver, 2010

Lesson Background:

I got the idea for this art lesson from my favourite Internet art blog: Deep Space Sparkle

Lesson Steps:

1.  Teach the students about Henri Matisse- who he was, what type of art he produced, the features of his artworks etc.  (You can purchase the PowerPoint presentation I made for this part of the lesson at my Teachers Pay Teachers store: just search for the name of the artist)
2.  Ask the students to design their name in an interesting way (do this on scrap paper first).  Their name should use interesting mixtures of lines (e.g. zigzag, wavy and straight lines)
3.  Ask the students to design a background of coloured panels or shapes on their scrap paper.
4.  When their design is complete, students can trace or copy each piece of their design onto coloured Brenex paper (glossy type looks best).
5.  Students cut out their designs and stick them onto an A4 sheet of card.
6.  When everything is stuck on, I asked the students to "paint" over their design with PVA glue to make it shiny.

Year 3 Student Artwork Samples:

By Robert, 2010

By Cadel, 2010
By Neve, 2010

3B class artworks, 2010

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