Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Grade 1/2 Charcoal Flowers

By Xander (Grade 2)

Lesson Background:
As a part of our charcoal drawing unit, the children drew these still-life pictures, looking very closely at the textures, shapes, lines and shadows in the real life display I set up. 

1/2B studying and drawing the still life display

The vases I set up, trying to have a mixture of plants
with different textures for the children to draw

Lesson Materials (per student):
1 piece of white A3 art paper
1 stick of  compressed charcoal
1 piece of  newspaper

vase/s of highly textured different flowers (for the class to share)

Lesson Steps: (written by 1/2B class members as a joint construction)

1. Turn your paper into portrait position.
2.  Draw a line to show where the table is (about 1/3 of the page from the bottom).
3.  Draw an outline of the vase.
4. Start drawing the outline of the flowers and stems.
5. Add some shading and details to the flowers, stems and vase.  Make sure you use a range of white, light grey, dark grey and black shades.  Try to use different types of marks to show texture (thick/thin lines, arches, flicks, etc.)

Student Artworks:

By Angela (Grade 1)
By Jeff (Grade 2)
By Kayla (Grade 2)

By Millie (Grade 2)

By Nive (Grade 2)

By Paige (Grade 2)
By Eve (Grade 2)

By Ella (Grade 2)

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