Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Grade 1/2 Charcoal Toy Drawings

By Angela X (Grade 1)

Lesson Background:

We are doing an art unit focusing on charcoal drawing techniques at the moment.  We are encouraging the children to show light and shade, and use many different types of lines and markings to show texture.  For this lesson, the children had to show these skills by drawing a toy they had brought in from home, or found in the classroom.  I was really impressed with their efforts!

Lesson Materials (per student):

1 piece of white A3 art paper
1 piece of newspaper to keep your table clean
1 piece of compressed charcoal
a toy to draw

Lesson steps: (Written by Angie and Millie, Grade 2)

1.  Get your toy and place it on your desk in front of you.
2.  Start by drawing a simple outline with your charcoal.
4.  Add the finer details.
5.  Include light and shadow by smudging or pressing more firmly or softly with the charcoal.
6.  Add texture by using different types of lines: thin, thick, straight, curved, flicked, etc.
Student Art Works :

By Austin (Grade 2)

By Agnes (Grade 2)

By Millie (Grade 2)

By Nive (Grade 2)

By Xander (Grade 2)

My sample drawing to demonstrate ways of showing texture


  1. I think everyone has done a good job

  2. Oh my god these are absolutely stunning! :)