Friday, 15 April 2011

Matisse-Style Paper Portraits

Year 3 Artworks (2010)

The Lesson:

1.  Teach the students about the paper cut-out artworks of Matisse.
2.  Discuss his use of style, line, colour and shape. (You can purchase the PowerPoint presentation I made for this part of the lesson at my Teachers Pay Teachers store: just search for the name of the artist)
3.  Demonstrate how to draw a basic face shape on art paper.
4.  Students draw their portrait on art paper, then trace/copy onto coloured brenex paper (ie. face/neck/shoulders onto skin coloured paper, lips onto red/pink paper, shirt onto any coloured paper, eyes onto white paper and then hair onto hair-coloured paper etc)
5.  The students then cut out the different pieces of their portrait and stick them onto a coloured cardboard background.
6.  The students use black texta to draw the iris and pupil on the white paper eye.  Then students draw in a nose and any other features they want (eyebrows, eyelashes, freckles etc)
7.  Finally, they create shapes and patterns with coloured paper for the background.

Student Artworks (Year 3):

By Alex (2010)

By Jasmine (2010)

By Kara (2010)

By Hannah (2010)

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