Friday, 15 April 2011

Modigliani-Inspired Oil Pastel Drawings

By Sekai (2009)
The Lesson:

1.  Teach students about the life of Amedeo Modigliani and show them some of his artworks (I used a Powerpoint presentation for this part of the lesson).
2.  Discuss his style and techniques, making particular mention of the lines, shapes,  colours Modigliani favoured.
3.  Discuss the features of many Modigliani portraits (particularly the unusual eye colour, connection of eyebrow and nose, elongation of necks and faces, and the sloping shoulders)
4.  Demonstrate how to draw a basic Modigliani-shaped head and facial features.
5.  Ask students to try drawing their own portrait in this way, using a lead pencil on black cardboard.
6.  Demonstrate how to use oil pastels, including how to combine 2 oil pastel colours to create depth in their pictures.
7.  Encourage the students to use blends of colours to create a richer, more vibrant and realistic portrait.
8.  Observe the simple backgrounds of Modigliani's portraits.  Ask students to design a simple background for their portrait and colour it in with oil pastel.
9.  When the students are finished, ask them to outline everything in black oil pastel.


By Tom (2009)

By Anna (2009)

By Apsara (2009)
By Kate (2009)

By Braedy, 2009

By _____ (2009)

3B artworks (2009)
By Liam (2011)

By Keyan (2011)

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