Friday, 15 April 2011

Overlapping Bird Drawings

Year 3 student artwork, 2009

 The Lesson:

I saw this fabulous lesson on one of my favourite art blogs, Deep Space Sparkle.  I followed the lesson almost exactly, except in my choice of art materials.  I asked my students to use progressos rather than pencil/texta:

1.  Teach the students how to draw a basic bird shape.
2.  Let them experiment with different wing, beak and tail shapes on scrap paper.
3.  When they are ready, ask them to draw 3 or more overlapping birds with lead pencil on white art paper.
4.  Ask the students to colour in their birds with coloured progressos, being careful of the overlapping parts.
5.  Ask the students to outline the birds in black texta/marker.

Below are samples of my Year 3 students' work:
Year 3 Samples (2009)

Year 3 student artwork, 2009

Year 3 class samples (2009)
A sample I made to show students what to do (2009)

Year 3 student artwork, 2009

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